Disaster Planning for the Stein Landmark Garden Cities

This fellowship first conducted a survey of the literature on the impact of disasters and climate change on historic properties. This included a study of recent communities that suffered catastrophic disasters such as in Japan (2011), New Zealand (2010), Haiti (2010), and the United States, (i.e. New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina in 2005).

In addition, several interviews were held with federal officials in Washington D.C. relating to documentation and procedures that would facilitate disaster planning and recovery for the Stein Garden cities (2012 and 2016). Transcripts of these interviews are available.

This fellowship also developed individual case studies of four Stein Landmark Garden cities. The following factors were examined--- unique disasters/climate changing conditions that are peculiar to a Garden city'; degree of a community's disaster preparedness; and external disaster management systems (local and state). Legal requirements and ramifications were also discussed.

Finally, a checklist was developed to guide each Stein Garden city in its disaster/climate change planning activities. This list was evaluated for accuracy
by a federal disaster management expert.


A Checklist of Basic Activities
Recommendations for Disaster Planning


Interviews with the National Park Service and FEMA (2012 and 2016)---

HABS (Historic American Building Survey) and HALS (Historic Landscape Survey)

CRGIS (Cultural Geographic Information System)

FEMA's Preservation Officer

Legal Sources in Support of Disaster/Climate Change Planning

Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD-8)
Shared responsibility of whole communities ( families and non-profits to federal and state agencies) in preparing for disasters. Signed by President Obama in 2011.

Climate Change Planning
Mandatory for states to receive federal diaster preparedness funding as of 2016 (article from Inside Climate Change).

California Lawsuit--Need for Disaster Planning and Compliance
Jury awarded almost 2 million dollars to families of two victims of Paso Robles earthquake (2010). Owner of property was negligent in preparing for disasters. Important impact on City of Los Angeles (from Los Angeles Times---May 4, 2014).



Bibliography on Disaster Planning (2012)