LandmarkWatch.org is a result of Dorothy Fue Wong's twenty-five year involvement with the certification and preservation of Clarence Stein's National Historic Landmark Garden cities. A large part of this work was done by Wong under the guidance of Cornell University's Clarence S. Stein Institute and the federal government.

These continuing collaborations have two major objectives. The first is to further Clarence Stein and his colleagues' Garden cities as a major legacy to the nation. The second is to protect this legacy for future generations by developing long-term preservation strategies in an environment of climate change and increased disasters.

Baldwin Hills Village (now known as the Village Green) represents a significant case study for the certification and early preservation efforts of the Stein Landmark Garden cities. During three decades, Wong was a resident in this Los Angeles planned community, which was Clarence Stein's final American Garden city.

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Prepared by Dorothy Fue Wong
May 2019