Disaster Planning for Historic Properties

Important Documents

  • Inventory of historic and operational documents
  • Safe storage of historic documents with site's operational manuals
  • HABS and HALS documentation
  • GIS documentation following federal government's CRGIS standards

  • Historic Structures Report and Cultural Landscape Report to be evaluated by State Office of Historic Preservation
  • Long-term maintenance plans for historic buildings and landscapes
  • Qualified professionals to formulate and monitor these preservation plans
  • General disaster plan (see Institute of Real Estate Management's Before Disaster Strikes – Developing an Emergency Procedures Manual)
  • Mitigation component to be included in disaster plan
  • Disaster plan to be evaluated by FEMA/disaster professionals
  • Community education and involvement.
  • Join FEMA's collaborative network with government agencies and nonprofit organizations (such as CERT)


Mitigation Planning to Reduce Property Damages and Loss of Lives
(Work with local and state hazard mitigation officers to receive future funding.)

FEMA 386-1: Getting Started: Building Support for Mitigation Planning
FEMA 386-2:Understanding Your Risks: Identifying Hazards and Estimating Losses
FEMA 386-3: Developing the Mitigation Plan: Identifying Mitigation Actions and Implementation Strategies
FEMA 386-4:Bringing the Plan to Life: Implementing the Hazard Mitigation Plan
FEMA 387-5: Using Benefit-Cost Review in Mitigation Planning
FEMA 378-6: Integrating Historic Property and Cultural Resource Considerations Into Hazard Mitigation Planning
FEMA 378-7: Integrating Manmade Hazards Into Mitigation Planning
FEMA 379-8:Multi-Jurisdictional Mitigation Planning

These can be ordered by contacting FEMA at 1-800-480-2520 or can be viewed on FEMA's website (http://www.fema.gov.

"Each hour spent in planning reduces three hours of recovery".


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November 2016