Stein Fellowship
Preservation Framework for the Landmark Garden Cities

This fellowship's objective was to develop guidelines for the long-term preservation of the Stein Garden cities as National Historic Landmarks and also to provide funding opportunities for these communities' preservation activities.

Research activities included field studies of preservation practices at Baldwin Hills Village in Los Angeles and the east coast Stein Garden cities. Benchmarks for these evaluations were based on interviews with administrators of five leading National Historic Landmarks in Los Angeles County on best preservation practices. Transcripts of interviews are available below.

In addition, this fellowship studied the federal government's Secretary of Interior Standards for historic properties and its related publications in the preservation of historic buildings and landscapes. Other governmental and private sources were also consulted.

The above activities resulted in a framework that can guide the Stein Landmark Garden cities in their long-term preservation efforts.


diamondA Garden City's Preservation Framework
Checklist of major activities based on best practices of National Landmarks.


diamondPreservation Planning at Rancho Los Cerritos, Watts Towers, Aline Barnsdall Complex, and the Gamble House
Six transcripts of interviews with site managers on how to preserve a National Historic Landmark. Additional interview with Kristin Larson, official biographer of Clarence Stein and a faculty member at the University of Florida.


diamond Preservation Planning at Rancho Los Alamitos
Eight transcripts of interviews with Executive Director Pamela Seager on preservation planning for the Landmark Garden cities. Seager is nationally known because of her extensive work in preserving historic landscapes.