Sources for NHL Preservation Framework

1. Kristin Larsen
Stein scholar at the University of Florida discusses preservation planning and practices as they relate to the Stein communities. Topics include historic significance, a budget implementation plan and the use of students in preservation projects. (100KB)
Interview in New York City

2.Gamble House
Ted Bosley, Executive Director, discusses long-term preservation plans for NHLs, professional oversight, community education, and the importance of a mission statement. (188KB)
Gamble House's Mission statement.
Located in Pasadena, California

3. Watts Towers
Virginia Kazor, Senior Historic Site Curator, presents preservation strategies that helped this site to receive over 2 million dollars in disaster funding. These include master planning, monitoring by the Getty and the L.A. County Museum, and the conversion of preservation data into a digital format. (196KB)
Located in Los Angeles, California

4. Aline Barnsdall Complex/Hollyhock House
Jeffrey Herr, Curator, recommends developing a historic structure report in preserving the buildings.He also describes his exeriences in preparing the site's NHL nomination (2008) that helped to gain a 1.9 million dollar grant from the California Cultural and Historical Endowment. (208KB)
Located in Los Angeles, California

5.Rancho Los Cerritos (Landscape)
Marie Barnidge-McIntyre, horticulturist, discusses the various aspects in preserving and maintaining a historic landscape. This includes the lengthy master planning process for the landscape. (208KB)
Rancho Los Cerritos
Ellen Calomiris, Executive Director, tells how the lengthy master planning process is critical in attracting funding and implementing preservation projects. She also relates her experiences in establishing a nonprofit foundation. (188KB)
Located in Long Beach, California

.Rancho Los Alamitos
Pamela Seager, Executive Director, gave eight interviews on long-term preservation planning. The final interview recommends preservation guidelines for the Stein communities.
Located in Long Beach, California