Landmark Watch's purpose is to advance the history and preservation of the National Landmark Garden cities that were built by architect and town planner Clarence Stein and his colleagues during the first half of the twentieth century.

After nine decades, the Stein Garden cities continue to serve as models in designing affordable housing that support the rights and dignity of the individual in an industrial and urban society. These Landmarks are located in New York, New Jersey, Pennylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, and California.

Clarence Stein's Toward New Towns in America (1957) documents the design and construction of these Landmark Garden cities. This seminal work was widely studied and used in both the United States and numerous other countries in designing new planned communities.

During the last two decades, Dorothy Fue Wong, PhD has worked in association with Cornell Universty's Clarence S. Stein Institute and the federal goernment on the history and preservation of these nationally signifiant communities. has been established to support the above activities.

Recently, the Stein Institute has awarded Wong a fellowship to develop technological strategies that would preserve the Stein Landmark Garden cities during disasters and climate change.